Sunday, February 26, 2012

A "Serene" Sunday

Everyone in my beach town has been talking about the Russian millionaire's mega yacht (440 feet long  and worth $330 million) that has been anchored off the coast here. In a town where everyone knows everything, no one is sure why it's here (maybe an Oscar party?) but everyone is buzzing about it. And LA doesn't buzz about much.

Mega yacht "Serene" has a crew of 52 people, indoor salt water pool, "snow room" with 2-4 inches of snow (yes you read that right), indoor gymnasium, a state room with glass bottom to view ocean, 2 helipads, a submarine (how cool is that?) and neon lights at sea level that when turned on at night, turn the ocean around the yacht a gorgeous, neon mint green color.

I woke up on Sunday and had one of my brilliant ideas. So I tracked down a motor boat via phone, grabbed my friend Stacey (who is also up for anything) and we went straight to the marina, got our boat (which we had to drive ourselves - no skipper included - WTF??) and jetted out to the yacht which is so large it's anchored in the ocean off the coast (not in the Marina). 

We met some of the Russian crew on the dock before hand & tried to sweet talk them into letting us on board for Sunday brunch and lemon drops (didn't work). But once we got out there we were able to cruise right up to the yacht and check it out from every angle - everyone told us security would stop us if we got too close but needless to say that didn't happen & we were able to get within 50 feet of it, but soon realized that it's so BIG that that distance was not optimum for taking pictures.  AMAZING how damn big this thing really is!

Still trying to find a way to get on board... I also think I seriously need to talk to them about adding a 1/2 pipe for skateboarding.  Will keep you posted.

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sealaura said...

At first I thought that was the boat you chartered and I was like "damn Cindy is pimping!" LOL

But I am the same way, I would have tried to get up close and see what's up. B and I call it being "in the mix" but basically we are looky lous :)

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