Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Behind The Scenes


Some behind the scenes shots from a bunch of different shoots I have been on recently. It seems like we always have a blast, get to shoot in some amazing places, and make beautiful images - life isn't too bad. 

And in case you are wondering about the pie photo... The creative director I work with in Dallas always has a key lime pie for us to eat before every big shoot - it's a tradition that he says brings good luck. And really, who says "no" to key lime pie at 8 AM? Not me. Thanks Ron!


annette tang said...

the second shot looks like such an amazing place.. makes me want to sit outside asap. i always love seeing people behind the scenes in their work..
and I love the denim and white minus a top.. radness.

oh i never had a chance to make it to the RP sale.. =( next time!


Neysa Bové said...

SO RAD you get to do that! must be super fun! xxo -nb

Lianna J said...

great pics! looks like it was a cool shoot. :)

Chelsea Lane said...

EEEEP BETHANY HAMILTON?! I ADORE HER!! these are awesome girl. your job sounds incredible!


Sherin said...

Amazing. The shoot looks like so much fun. And pie: yes please!!

sealaura said...

thanks for sharing these! I love behind the scenes pics, definitely a fun environment but I like the WC closet sign, great reminder that there is indeed work to get done.

eating sweet bread which in my book includes pie is how Latin Americans say buenos dias so yea, I'm in!!

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