Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Never What It Seems

  Photo Ian Logan

It looks all sedate and sweet until you see that once again Jonathon Adler has invaded my house with his quirky charm. This time it's a Jonathon Adler "Hashish" candle I got on sale at Barneys, my rad little Atlier Minyon skull ring, those amazing (but so ridiculously overpriced) hydrangeas that I bitched about on twitter last week, and a cool print from artist Kelli Murray on Etsy.


Anonymous said...

Very tricky. :)

Jasmine said...

absolutely love this!! :)

annette said...

i love Jonathon make me want/need more space just to decorate!


Candi @ Candace Rose said...

I wish you lived close by, my mom has an abundance of hydrangeas and you could HAVE as many as you want in any color combo you'd like. :)

PS Love your style! Ahhh and that box :)

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