Monday, August 22, 2011

Board Rescue

Some of you may know via twitter that I was asked by my friend Judi Oyama to design a skateboard for Board Rescue's upcoming art show and auction.  As a female pro skater, I was totally honored to be asked, but since I am not really an "artist" (in the "drawing amazing shit" sense)  I was a bit freaked out that I might let them down. I mean just look at all the talented pro skater guys who are also rad artists that are participating.

After 2 weeks of sorting out ideas, coming up with methods on how to execute those ideas, and then narrowing them down I finally did it!

I'm pretty stoked on how it came out and I am hoping it gets a lot of bids in the E-Bay auction so Board Rescue can raise a lot of money to get skateboards to low income and at risk kids.

As soon as I am allowed, I'll be posting pics of the board and how it was made and a link to the auction where you can see all the amazing boards.


Cristi Silva said...

DUDE! have so much fun with that! I can't wait to see your board!!!!! What a rad honor!

BabyShrigs said...


Judi Oyama said...

Your board is awesome. Can't wait to start showing it off. Thank you! You are the best!

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