Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Modern Snow Bunny

Do you remember the days when skiing was glamorous and elite? I was starting to think it was a thing of the past, kind of like airline travel...

In fact rarely do you come across a women's sports apparel line that is as gorgeous and luxurious as it is technically correct.  That's what got me so excited about this new ski wear line by Circe Snow. Circe knows her shit - she was a former pro snowboarder and is involved to this day with elite athletes, on the snow and off. Thankfully she realized that the ski market was lacking in something - a luxurious line of apparel and accessories for women that also would actually hold their own technically on the mountain, whether you were skiing at the local resort or heli skiing in the Alps.

The 1 piece ski suits as well as the 2 piece jacket and ski pants are made from waterproof stretch satin and are constructed from recycled fabrics, which I love. There are underarm and leg vents, zip off hoods, and seam sealed construction which helps keeps you warm and dry. There are also these amazing interchangeable trim kits that help you glam up or down depending on your mood.

Circe Snow has brought back the glamorous girl to the slopes.  Luxurious fabrics and attention to style with performance enhancing features make this the new case for modern luxury.

 Sexy, luxurious, and functional - I'm loving it.



Gorgeous black clutch and black rocker belt - I'd wear this belt and bag all the time.


The beautiful and fun, Babushka Hat

Black leather gloves and a beautiful ruffled belt

The champagne clutch slides onto the belt for 2 ways to use it. The Kit carrier holds everything you need for accessorizing - which is a girls best friend on and off the slopes.

See the whole line and place orders at Circe Snow 

 Photos: Andrew Durham


Leah said...

I love the double purpose champagne clutch... it will come in handy in my photography shoots. I need a fabulous bag to stash away my essentials so that belt bag is perfect... fabulous and functional.

Nguyen-XO said...

The pictures are lovely!

Cindy Van Dyck said...

Gorgeous! I love it!


Paige Wilkins said...

These are absolutely fabulous. The whole sensual vibe combined with a unique edgyness for ski wear is so exciting.

I am so interested in winter wear, especially as i snowboard in the holidays (luckily going again at Easter).

I actually designed some sportswear clothing in my first year of university for a computer aided project (first learning how to use Adobe photoshop). I took influence from the grunge trend of the earlier summer and worked it in with mens themal ski tops.

I will find them and put them up asap. Hope you like them

Paige :)

Rock N Revolution said...

LOVE it all.

M said...

lovely just a tad too shinny for my taste wonder how the fabric looks on natural light

ELVIA said...

so is this what it means to be a 'sports stylist'? ;) just curious.


Cafe Fashionista said...

There is nothing I want more right now than a Babushka Hat. Sadly, it seems that Southern California is not the best place to don such a style - far too hot!! :(

Anonymous said...
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