Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Studded Nirvana

I have been waiting forever for Pour La Victoire to launch their new hand bag line and according to Refinery29 they have, but the question is - who is selling them right this moment?

Anyone? Anyone? 

All images via Refinery29

So Sick

How much do I want this sick bra from Bona Drag?

all pics via Bona Drag

The Girls Are Happy

I went to an amazing La Perla trunk show at my fav lingerie store LULU's last Friday. Besides drinking champagne and eating chocolates (yes, Lulu's does it right!) I found out some great information on bra's and proper fit.

Super happy I made time to come by as I have been feeling like I needed a proper bra fitting for quite a while now. Turns out I have been wearing a cup size off than what I should! The fabulous Maria from La Perla got me straightened out and helped me pick out some new amazing and well fitting t-shirt bras and lace bras.

I was told that a lot of women wear the wrong bra size (you should be fitted by a specialist every year) and I noticed that once I had the right size, I looked a few pounds lighter, my girls were lifted properly and best of all I was comfy.

If you think La Perla has only super expensive pieces - you would be wrong, they have all different levels of La Perla as well as their less expensive (but just as amazing) lines, Malizia and Occhi Verdi.

So go get yourself fitted properly and pick out some gorgeous new bra's!

This is the best t-shirt bra ever!

  300 Manhattan Beach Blvd
Manhattan Beach, California

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspire Me To Do Bad Things

Fields Of Gold

I just found out that these images I worked on awhile back won an award in the 44th Annual Publication Design Annual.  Pretty awesome news!

I was hired to style some of the more notable summer Olympic athletes for ESPN Magazine awhile back. One of the best things about this assignment was all the athletes selected were female (how often does that happen?). We also got to fly all over the country and shoot each athlete at her training facility - how often do you get to go to Shawn Johnson's gymnastics gym and spend the entire day?

I also had to figure out how to take elements that each athlete competes with (a basketball, chalk for the gymnast, etc) and make them "gold" for the photos.

I used everything from spray paint, to tee shirt paint to poster paint and even sharpies to get the job done. Some surfaces would not work with one method but would with another  (the swim goggles were the hardest as when stretched the paint would crack) - it was all trial and error.. But I think it all turned out pretty great and the athletes loved it!

Definitely one of the most creative, intense and fun jobs I have worked on for the Olympics!

Client: ESPN Magazine
Photographer: Patrick Giardino
Stylist: Cindy Whitehead

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ruby Rocks

Ruby Aldridge
Jalouse Magazine

via tfs

The Honey Pot

One of my favorite stores near where I live is THE BEEHIVE,  it's one of those places that visually I  love the look of - colorful and fun. It carries brands like Elizabeth and James,  J. Brand, Seneca Rising, Hinu, Wildfox, Splendid, Madison Marcus and new lines you may have never even heard of yet (which I LOVE).  They also have a great selection of  retro gift items, shoes, hats, amazing jewelry, and vintage style candy.

Plus all the girls who work there have amazing style so its easy to get inspired and treat yourself to something new.

The Beehive

451 Manhattan Beach Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Made Me Smile

via jak and jil

Hidden Worlds

We went to a wonderful art gallery show the other night in downtown Los Angeles. Susan Hazeltine Connell had her latest work displayed and the pieces are so fresh and different I really loved them. I had seen some of them before in her home but to see them all together in a gallery setting where I could really look and study each one was amazing.

Painted in white on linen, the images draw you into a world where there is so much more going on then just the original image you "thought" you saw.

Simply beautiful.

Photos above by Leith O'Leary

Saturday, March 27, 2010

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