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Take 2

Funny how you have never even heard of someone and then they are everywhere....

For instance Angus Stone (see previous post). Earlier this week the name meant zero to me and now I come across pictures of him on fashion blogs . And he's with Isabel Lucas in the pix below - not bad.

photo via justjared and wildfox

Angus and Julia Stone

Our friends Danna and Jeff invited us to see Angus and Julia Stone play at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery this past Wednesday night. I had never heard of the brother and sister duo from Australia but everyone told me how great they were. I have to say they were amazing!  I would suggest downloading from itunes if you don't have their album.

Loved the location for this concert - it was inside the Masonic Lodge on the Cemetery property and had a very cool old Hollywood vibe to it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Love Potion Number 9

via wildfox

Beatrice And The Boots

Every once in awhile you see someone from across the room and think to yourself "rad boots, necklace, etc - wonder where they got it?" So glad I stopped this awesome girl and asked!  We ran into each other at the Dosa party on Sunday and she was wearing the raddest boots I have ever seen so I decided I had to ask where the hell she got them...

Turns out her name is Beatrice Valenzuela and she is a local Los Angeles designer and the boots are from her line  How rad is that? Besides being really cool and beautiful she is also super talented. I am still drooling over those boots. Yep, Beatrice designs the sickest, coolest shoes and if you click HERE   you can see her collection.

As far as that gorgeous necklace, amazing ring and the awesome earrings she is wearing? That's her friend Kathryn's line called DREAM COLLECTIVE.

So great to meet her and find out about 2 LA designers I am now in love with.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rad Style

These pix are from a shoot I did awhile back of LA Skateboarders with photographer Ron Eshel. I had such a blast working on this shoot and am stoked at how the images came out.

Thanks to Ron, his crew, Gillian, and all the amazing guys for a great shoot! 

Photographer: Ron Eshel
 Stylist: Cindy Whitehead
Grooming:  Gillian Whitlock

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sigerson Morrison and Sophia Bush Party

Last night I got to to go a party for shoe and handbag line, Sigerson Morrison & the clothing line, Rachel Pally which was hosted by the lovely actress, Sophia Bush (remember her from the show One Tree Hill?). We also ran into one of my favorite (original) Melrose Place actresses, Daphne Zuniga.

Beautiful shoes, amazing clothes, wonderful desserts and fun people - glad I ended up going. If it wasn't for my friend Carey I may have stayed home as I was feeling a bit lazy by late afternoon. I also rushed to get dressed and wasn't feeling my "best" with my look, so it was a total surprise when a woman came up to me and told me she loved what I was wearing head to toe and my outfit was her favorite of the evening!  Wow - that made my night!

And yes, I realize I don't have one picture of me in this outfit - will have to do some shots later and post "after the fact".  Sorry!


  Love the green shoes!

 great selection of "nude" shoes as well as fall pre-order collection 

 My favorite shoes of the night - Thanks to Carey for helping me decide!

 The Sigerson Morrison party hostess, actress Sophia Bush  
wearing a Rachel Pally dress

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Another one of my fav lines, EVER opened up a pop up shop in Venice which spells T.R.O.U.B.L.E. for me. I practically live in the broken in jeans, tank tops and sweaters year round. 

I stopped in the other weekend right after they opened and scored my new fav summer denim shorts, a super soft lightweight sweater and a tank top that looks and feels like I have had it for years.

I passed on the surfer looking striped pullover and now may be regretting it...

What do you guys think - should I track it down?? UPDATE!  Found it and LOVE it!

images via Ever, Singer 22, and Shopbop
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