Friday, March 26, 2010

The Battalion AW2010

THE BATTALION always inspires and amazes me. When people bitch that you can't produce fabulous pieces that are vegan, eco friendly and reasonably priced, they obviously have not seen The Battalion.

During LA Fashion Week, The Battalion's AW2010 Runway show was held at a new venue this year, The Spring Arts Tower in downtown Los Angeles. With its tall ceilings and historic art feel it was a perfect place to showcase a line filled with unexpected and graphic touches.

I loved the veggie fur vests and jackets with textures and patterns that made you want to reach out and run your hands over them.  There were great looking motorcycle jackets that hung so well on the body you could have sworn they were made of the most supple Italian leather.  Some of my favorite pieces were the luxe cardigans that draped beautifully over tissue thin tops that hugged in all the right places.

Unexpected details like the lattice weave on the back of the long dress, asymmetrical gathered tops, cardigans with long draping hemlines, removable collars on some of the fur vests and jackets, all added to the allure of the entire collection.

Each and every piece looked wonderful with one another but I could also see the possibility of integrating any one of them into my own wardrobe and being able to wear them a million different ways.

To me that is yet another definition of eco-friendly.

Photos by: Ian Logan


Cristi Silva said...

These are such awesome styles!!!! I can't believe they are totaly eco friendly!!! What a trip!

That last dress is off the hook!!!


SabinePsynopsis said...

I agree, there are more and more really chic ethical brands out there. Cindy, because I'm a big fan of your blog I've tagged you for a little award... Happy weekend!

Rock N Revolution said...

Hot stuff girl...and I see a famous photographer too : )

tobes said...

wow this is suberp love it!
so chic so perasian!
xo tobes
thanks for sharing Cindy :)
xo tobes

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hello gorgeous! Never underestimate the power of chic eco-friendly brands - I adore the entire collection!! :)

Style Stars said...

these clothes are so pretty! i could care less what something's made of if it looks that gorgeous.


fall in love with a shooting star...

Heather said...

Wow thanks Cindy i hadn't heard of the Battalion. The fur looks really good surprisingly!

Heather said...

Wow thanks Cindy i hadn't heard of the Battalion. The fur looks really good surprisingly!

Dream Sequins said...

I'm sad I missed this! AHHHH. It looks amazing. I'm going to link to these on my blog if you don't mind. xx

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