Friday, April 30, 2010

Sugarhigh and Lovestoned

Awesome new line my friend Jessica introduced me to - 
SugarHigh and LoveStoned.  

I love the 70's hippie vibe and the 
soft organic cotton that the tees are made of.

My fav pieces are the studded undies and bra top - want, want, want!

Check out the complete line HERE


Rock N Revolution said...

IN LOVE!!!!!!!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Very cool pictures! (what is she doing with her hand in pic #2?) Love the studded designs.

S.Elisabeth said...

Love!! I love ads where the models look like they're having a blast the whole time!

Heather said...

ugh lovr it ALL. esp the ocean pics, you cant beat the ocean!! the fridge one is pretty hot too but :)

Jessica said...

Please visit the website ladys!!!
Amazing tees & studded tops ,bottoms & skirts
I own pieces of this line and I get a ton of compliments dress up or down tons of fun!!!
Summer here we come!!
Thank you Cindy!

GINNY SLIM said...

OMG!!!!! thanks for the awesomely awesome props!!!! just did UNIQUE L.A. design show & had a really great response. So excited! Lot's of love!
Ginny Slim & Chloe Chippendale

Ane said...

oh i must say im liking the underwear

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