Monday, September 13, 2010

J.Crew Or Isabel Marant?

Wow - what has happened over at J.Crew? 

Super inmpressed by the  new  J.Crew Collection. 
Most of the items are sold out but I am in love. 

Giving Iasbel Marant a little run for the money with their sequins and feathers.


Unknown said...

wow! What happened! I love the first outfit especially, I would love that awesome feather jacket... sorry for the very long delay - I've been so busy, but thanks for your sweet comment, and i've just done a new post! Phew! Panda xo

E said...

I've been really surprised by J Crew lately, too. Since when did it become such a source of inspiration??

Ash Fox said...

j crew has definitely improved. the one problem i have with jcrew is the fit of most of their items. i feel like it's made for very petite woman who prefer conservative silhouettes. if you notice they pin everything to the mannequins so that it looks form fitting, but when you try the items on they often have a boxy shape. that being said i really love their new direction.


glee said...

I'm in love with every piece of the collection.

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