Monday, December 6, 2010

Patti McGee is Radder Than You

Patti McGee is rad. She comes strolling into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame party wearing an amazing black outfit decked out with turquoise jewelry, her proud daughter Hailey, (also an amazing skater) by her side. Everyone in the room makes a bee line for her to congratulate her, get a picture taken with her, or have her sign their vintage LIFE magazine with her doing a handstand on the cover.

While there are 5 other famous skateboarders being inducted tonight; Torger Johnson, Stacy Perata, Steve Caballero, Eric Koston, and Bob Burnquist, Patti is the one you notice immediately in the sea of people. She just has "IT". People gravitate towards her and even if you have just met, you feel as if you have known her forever. She is the ultimate California girl that you wish you could be.

This gracious and vibrant woman with the sunny smile, paved the way for us other girls to do what we did in skateboarding. In 1965 it was super rare to see a girl surf or skate, yet she did both and with total style - Just look at the covers of SKATEBOARDER and LIFE Magazine below.

Patti is the 1st woman to be inducted to The Skateboarding Hall of Fame and
it was a true honor to spend the evening with her. xo

Patti is the only one of us girls to be on 2 magazine covers in 1 year - both MAJOR publications.

The packed room full of skateboarding legends gave Patti a standing ovation when she accepted her award 

Patti and her daughter Hailey with her awards

Paparazzi moment for Patti.

She was there long after all the other skaters had gone home, still being asked to sign autographs for people

Congratulations to Patti McGee for being the 1st woman inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame!

Shout outs to: IASC, Shout PR, Skatelab and Go Skate Foundation for allowing me to cover this event and for doing all that you do for skateboarding. All of us skaters sincerely appreciate it!


SabinePsynopsis said...

What a cool woman. It must have taken a very independent spirit to mount the skateboard in the 60s. It must have been wonderful to meet her, Cindy!

Anonymous said...

Holy moly! The strength and balance required to do that hand stand...AMAZING! She rocks!

Anonymous said...

Cindy, have you seen this blog?>>

I don't know if it's your style per se, but I thought the tomboy element would interest you. : )

Heather said...

argh, if only I were cool enough to to a skateboarding handstand, they are hard enough to do on their own!

patty said...

This is a great post, Cindy! I'm glad you posted photos from the night for all of us to see a great day.

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