Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekend Shoot - Part 2

On Sunday we shot at Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood. Weird going from hot and sunny Laguna Beach on Saturday, to shooting in snow on Sunday - made for an all around weekend - which is probably only possible in Southern California. Had another great day with the crew and models - look how fun they are - how could I not have a good time?

In fact Courtney (in the red jacket making a small snowman) is super rad - she has a Tumblr called CocoSirens that you really need to check out - lots of cool inspirational pics and shots from her modeling shoots. Gorgeous and a cool girl - what's not to love?


Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment on the Laguna beach post the other day, but your blog was giving me attitude. ; ) Your job sounds so rad! I love that teeny snowman too! : )
And your pics lift my spirits, as i'm currently living in snow-hell! : )

Candi @ Candace Rose said...

Loving these shots, Cindy! Thanks for the uber sweet comment, I love your blog too!!!!!

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