Monday, January 17, 2011

The Music Box - Lissie and The Pierces

Random snaps from Saturday night. Ventured out with my friend Jamie to a club in Hollywood to listen to some rad female musicians.  Had to sneak my camera in - can't believe it got through security as they searched my bag like mad. I think the furry fox tail on my moto bag kept them off track.  Loved the opening act - The Pierces, gonna be one of my fav new bands now. Lissie is great in person - missed her concert in October so glad I got off my damn ass to make this one.  We drank lemon drops, had killer seats in the balcony, some great girl time, and 3 hrs of awesome music. I was stoked.


sealaura said...

sounds like a blast! the last time i went to a concert I think it was Neko Case in Hollywood. prob 4 years ago. will have to check out this chica, and of course as an NPR addict, I love KCRW, always such cool stuff and music from them.

Thanks for your kind words on friday, we did make it out to the beach this past weekend. Can't believe how warm it is. :)

Sherin said...

The venue looks really cool. I love live music!
I haven't heard of eitheer, but I'm definitely goig to look them up!

Heather said...

loving the 70s styling and silky hair!

I'll post more pics of my hair today but it's faded a bit, my NYE post shows it pretty well. Blue is next :P

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