Thursday, May 10, 2012

Girls of Summer

 Edie Robertson tearing up a backyard pool

 Laura Thornhill spinning her iconic 360's

 Ellen Berryman ever so graceful at high speeds

 Judi Oyama throwing down a bad ass frontside grind.

 Patti McGee doing her signature handstand on the cover of LIFE Magazine

 Robin Logan shredding while on tour in London
 Ellen O'Neal rocking a solid nose wheelie

 Peggy Oki - the original Dogtown girl carving some pavement

Tonight is the annual Skateboard Hall of Fame awards. It's a big night for all of us skater girls (and guys) where we come out to honor our peers, see longtime friends and have a blast together. Last year we partied long into the night when our own Patti McGee was the very first female skater to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and tonight we will do the same for this years female inductee, Peggy Oki. Congrats to both of you!!

The girls above are just a few of my rad friends who made skateboarding what it is for girls today. They skated way before it was "cool/trendy", ripped as hard as the boys, and looked graceful doing it.

Tonight (and always) I honor each and every one of you girls!



Sherin said...

How fun! All the girls look so cool on their skateboards! I always wished I'd continued skateboarding past my early teens!
Enjoy the awards!

SabinePsynopsis said...

These girls are amazing! Hope you have a great & fun evening. X

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