Sunday, January 24, 2010

Abby Sails Away

I wasn't able to see Abby Sunderland off on Saturday like I had planned (I have been watching her blog and been waiting for this day) as I had a photo shoot in Encinitas. But my husband Ian was nice enough to go down to Marina del Rey and take a lot of great shots for me - I almost felt like I was there. He was able to get a ride on someone's boat so he could get these shots of her going through the harbor and out to sea.

In case you don't know about Abby... She is 16. She is sailing around the world by herself. Non Stop. In a 40 ft boot called Wild Eyes. She will be the youngest person (male or female) to accomplish this. Abby is RAD!

Abby at her press conference before leaving

Abby and her brother Zac heading down the dock to her boat



 The media was everywhere - its a big and positive story

 fire boats giving Abby a water salute send off

Abby heading out to sea

all photos:  Ian Logan©


xo, Alexi said...

whoa yeah! abby's so cool!!

Dream Sequins said...

That's amazing. I remember when I was 16-- and I wasn't half that adventurous!

stacey kelly said...

wow that's so cool. brave girl!!!

fall in love with a shooting star...

Rock N Revolution said...

Wow she's brave... I would have hard time letting my kid do something like that. Go Abby!

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