Monday, January 18, 2010

Something You Can Easily Do To Help In Haiti

If you can't afford to donate 1.5 million like Giselle did (so proud of her) ... There are many other ways you can help.

My friend Niecia was nice enough to bring this to my attention - SPORTS CHALET has made it SO easy for you to donate your gently used mens, womens and childrens shoes (and flip flops!) at any of their 55 locations from now until January 31 and they will make sure they get to the people who desperately need them in Haiti.

Couldn't be any easier than cleaning your closet, dropping them off, and feeling like you helped out in some small way.

Click HERE for more info on their website



Rock N Revolution said...

Great idea! Such and easy way to be thoughtful and caring.


thank you for the link, I have 2 bags full of clothes and shoes I was planning to sell it but now I will donate it, absolutely!!!!!!!!! :D

Panda said...

Such a good idea! Thanks for the link, i have soooo many clothes to give away, but i'll donate them now!
Love love.
Panda xx
Oh, and thanks so much for your adorable comment!

Moi said...

Thanks for the link, We've already emptied out some good quality used clothes from our closet to give. It's so devastating watching about the devastation out there :-(.
- Helen

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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