Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hair Raising

Charlie Le Mindu is the master of these insane wigs and head pieces (what else would you call them?). Fun to look at - but I wouldn't want to have to wear one - they look heavy!





via lost at e minor


Sonia said...

Wow those are some craazy wigs!
They must be so hard to make though

I have no idea why there is an objectional content thing on your blog, there's no reason for it as far as I can see!

Sonia x Dozen Dresses

thatsorad said...

OH YEAH I'm here! I click on "I UNDERSTAND THAT CINDY WHITEHEAD IS TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL" :) You are such a bad ass!

Who would do such a thing? so weird.... I see boobs and all kinds of other weird things on other blogs that I don't go on for fear that my son would walk in when I am checking them out...(art is art but he would not understand) I constently show my son and husband your super rad blog!

I am sorry that happened.

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