Friday, July 15, 2011

Nirvana In A Jar

photos ian logan

I am blaming this whole thing on "Carmageddon" (you may have heard, the 405 fwy in LA is being closed this weekend for demolition work on a bridge, so the city is at a stand still. Where ever you live, you better stay there as getting around is going to be a damn mess) So because of this, I am staying home this weekend and trying "new" things. Like cooking...  Although this is probably more like "baking". Who knows? I don't really do either.  Ever.

Anyway, back to the S'mores in jar.  Yes, that's what those are, they are like S'mores on steroids. Who  ever thought of this idea was a genius! I found the recipe on the blog how sweet eats.  So I partially blame her too.

Who knew you could buy Mason jars, fill them up with gooey goodness and put them in the oven?? 

Not me.


Adriana Cesar said...

if this was a scratch and sniff :P game over! Definitely Food Porn

Pam said...

Dude, if you ever hit Pinterest, you'd think the entire world of food is served in mason jars now.

aki! said...

That looks... SINFUL.

SabinePsynopsis said...

What is this?? It looks absolutely delicious.
You won't believe it, but Carmageddon was a big thing here on the news... 405 closed in LA - hire a helicopter instead, etc. etc.
Enjoy your homey weekend, Cindy! xo

AButterflyByDay said...

Okay YUM! Hope you are enjoying time hanging at home. I am thinking this Carmageddon is not so bad since everyone including me too is staying home this weekend.


sealaura said...

I keep coming back to this post! YUM

Candi @ Candace Rose said...

Tell Ian thank you for photographing your beautiful creations, I think my appetite is starting to come back :)

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