Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friendship Mania

photos via: Jak and Jil, Honestly WTF, Tumblr 

Kinda digging the friendship bracelets. I may have to take a run down to Venice Beach and see what they have at the outdoor stalls. Because you know I have no patience to sit around and try to make these beauties!


Jazz Virtue said...

My roomates and I got beautiful bracelets at Venice as a souvenir of our time in LA :)

Bad Joan said...

Great bracelets! Love your blog.

sealaura said...

awesome colors! i have to say i miss the venice boardwalk for those gorgeous and affordable goodies. say hi to the rollerskate dude for me!

mAdi*cakes said...

ok I havent been on in a while so I have a lot of things to say.
1. If you don't buy that dang arty ring and post about it Im going to be furious at you. (OK. Maybe not furious. That would be a bit much. And weird considering I dont actually know you. But Ill be be sort of bummed because Ive been really curious about it! Its a beautiful ring.)
2. Your office is gorgeous! I stared at the boob vase for a few minutes wondering if those were boobs. haha. it's cool. I love orange! Its so vibrant and beautiful.
3. If you colored your hair like LC, that would be so cool. Seriously.
4. The friendship bracelets are beautiful!!! And you need some.

Ok now that I've talked your head off and tried to force purchases on you, Im off. HAve a great weekend!!!

Carolyn said...

i love that friendship bracelets are coming back! cute color pop

AS said...

i love the friendship bracelets trend made a couple of them but i really want to try to mix in some sparkle xx

Anonymous said...

Buy me one!

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