Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Art Brewer and Walter Iooss

Ian and I went to the Annenberg Space For Photography today to check out the sports photography exhibit they have up. One of the photographers I work with, Walter Iooss is showing with Neil Leifer (who I have not yet had the pleasure of working with). The photos they have displayed from both photographers are amazing slices of history in the sports world.

Another shooter I LOVE working with, Art Brewer, will be giving a talk on January 21 at the Annenberg on his surf photography career - something not to be missed. Art is a legend in the surf photography world and beyond and is one of my fav people to work with as well as one of my favorite people just to be around. He also has a film showing there called The Art of Surf Photography which features Christian and Herbie Fletcher.

Make sure if you are LA you check out the exhibit.

No photography is allowed in the space itself - and yes, I am usually breaking the rules, but since I work with these guys I didn't this time!

I love the exterior grounds so I thought I would show you those shots - good place to have lunch or coffee after you see the exhibit - almost a New York feel to it...

These are some shots of Tiger Woods that I worked with Walter Iooss on for Nike.

The action shot we did that day in Florida of Tiger getting ready to hit into the morning mist is on display at the Annenberg - don't miss it -  its beautiful!

These are shots that I worked on with the brilliant Art Brewer. We were working on a shoot for Quiksilver and shot in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Malibu and Venice. Got to work with people like big wave surfer Dave Kalama and the amazing Lisa Anderson.
I thank Art immensely for having me on this shoot - it was so much fun.

Art's latest book is on surfing great Bunker Spreckels

Walters latest book - a journal of his photography shoots


Cristi Silva said...

Dude, I love that surfer sunset photo!!! I totaly need to go there. There are so many awesome gallery's in LA! Thanks for letting me know this, I had not heard about it :)

Rock & Revolution said...


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