Monday, November 30, 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins

Shopping with a client today at the mall when I spy this cool looking girl wearing the Jimmy Choo Hunter boots.  Now I never thought I needed this boot until today when I saw it on someone and the croc pattern and gold detailing sucked me in. And we all know how that ends - now I am obsessed with them! Never mind that she was on her way home to England where it rains all the time and these boots are totally appropriate and I live in sunny California where it rarely rains... I still want them! 

Any ideas of where to get them? 


michelle_ said...

these are RADDD !
id totally wear wellies if i had these . more designers should collaborate with hunter wellies ! id love to see louboutin do this :D

Lenine said...

these are fabbbbb! I want to grab them and walking to the city on them!

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