Sunday, November 1, 2009

Guess Who?

Urban Outfitters Holiday Preview - Only online. Can you believe it?
Photographs by: Estelle Hanania


Cristi Silva said...

Wow Cindy! You have such an amazing blog!! You skate???? HOW RAD!!!!! I am lucky I manage to stay on my longboard but the rest of my family are avid skaters and no mater where we go we hit up the town's park!

So AWESOME!! Thanks for cuzing by! You totaly rock! CS

valncami said...

Cute stuff in the holiday catalog! Love the miss sixty bootie I think I might have to get those and the sequin jacket from Silence Noise. Nice blog, I just started one in August with my daughter come check us out become a follower:)


Cindy Whitehead said...

Thanks so much to both of you! Its fun having a place to discuss fashion with others - thanks for stopping by (-:

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