Friday, November 13, 2009

They Say its a Revolution

Now I can finally talk about this. The CA Heritage Museum in Santa Monica has put up an amazing show about the evolution of Skateboarding and art in California through the years.  Shows opens this Saturday November 14 and goes through May 30, 2010. Well worth checking out!

Last night was the private opening party for all the old school skaters to get together hang out, eat and drink, check out the boards, tell stories and catch up with one another. It was an awesome night and so great running into skaters I have not seen since we competed together back in the late 70's - early 80's.

Me and Kevin "the worm" Anderson chilling in front of one of his boards
Amazing freestyle skateboarder - Dale "sausage man" Smith

Food was served on skateboard blanks all throughout the evening

1970's Logan Earth Ski Team Riders - Brad Logan and Laura Thornhill

Zephyr's Jeff Ho, me, Laura Thornhill and Brad Logan

me and pro surfer Allen Sarlo - remembering the 80's

Jeff Ho, me, Z-Boy team rider Peggy Oki, Laura Thornhill

USSA's Jim Mahoney, Laura Thornhill,  the crazy and fun Ray Flores, and Me

Dale Smith giving Laura and I  some love. Dale worked really hard bringing boards from his huge personal collection to help put this show on

Man behind the curtain for La Costa Reunion dinner, John Hughes and Jim O'Mahoney having fun

Jeff Ho, Chuy, Jim Mahoney and John Hughes - just like old times

We all got a chance to catch up with Skip Englebloom after so many years.

Laura, Steve Olson and I - just like yesterday...

We ran into David Hackett outside - he is always the nicest guy.

Ian looking at some of the really vintage skate's, boards and scooters Dale Smith provided for the show

I was able to take pictures in here thanks to Dale - all the other rooms were guarded by security guys and no photos were allowed - except the one I shot off fast of Kevin and I in front of his board before they caught me!

It was the best night ever!

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