Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blogging On The Go

I am not most technological person on the planet but I do like things that make my life easier - especailly when I travel.    So I started checking into various Netbooks.

Here is what I knew I wanted/did not want:

1.) I didn't want to spend too much money as it was just for traveling
2.) Wanted it to be smaller than a laptop & it must fit in my day bag & be light weight
3.) Needed it to be able to handle: updating my blog,  downloading pictures from my camera, surf the web, email, simple invoicing and watch movies on itunes in my hotel room. Basic stuff.

So I ended up with a $399 Toshiba NB300 in white (its kinda pretty)

It surprised me as it solved all of the above and it came complete with:

A built in web cam + mike for using with Skype
Cell phone charging capabilities
Card reader for my camera

Not bad for the price! 


Thin and lightweight....

10 inches and screen is easy to see and keyboard easy to type on


Fits in my Balenciaga motorcycle bag easily 
as well as into my AW hobo bag - Score!

charges my phone when traveling and loads the card from my camera directly into
computer - no need for a card reader!

The biggest thing I don't like is that it runs on Windows and I am a die hard mac person so its hard to figure out. Other than that I am pretty happy so far!

Leaving on a shoot soon that's sending me out of town for a few days so it will be a good chance to see how it really works when its just me and the netbook alone in a hotel somewhere with no desktop mac to turn to when I need to do something.

I will let you know how it goes!

1 comment:

Rock N Revolution said...

Looks nice...I'm a MAC girl too but it's tempting that's for sure!

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