Friday, February 12, 2010

The Olympics Are Here!

The Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 winter Olympics are tonight and I can not wait. I remember being at the Salt Lake City Olympics and watching it all in person... I LOVE the Olympics!

Keep an eye out for Hannah Teter who is competing for the USA in women's half pipe.  I have worked with Hannah a few times in the past years on shoots and she is a kick ass snowboarder and a great girl - and she could easily take the gold in Vancouver. Fingers crossed.

So proud of her being featured in the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated this month. The female athletes on the USA team that posed for SI are taking some flack for this in the press, but I think they all look strong and beautiful!

Hannah in this months Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue


Shaun White and Hannah Teter in ad we worked on for Mountain Dew a few years back

 Hannah and I in Vail during a shoot. 


Hannah ripping it up


Marybeth said...

She's so beautiful... She looks so young in that picture with you in Vail...

Heather said...

yeah I think its great- not demeaning at all, and its always good to promote sports for women. and I guess we all want to look as good as that!

Rock N Revolution said...

Hot stuff! Looks like you two had fun too!

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