Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bucket List

Since my AW Diego bag has still not arrived as of yet (Spring 2010 is slow...) I'm going to post what the bag looks like on (plus I just love this girls style) - this one is from last season with the silver studs and the season before that had gold studs - mine will have black studs.






Images via streethearts
Photos Eirik Slyngstad
Model Marianne


Unknown said...

Woaaah, shes waaaay too cool.
Love the hair and shoes!
Panda xx

LYDIA HOPE said...

Love this! Her shoes (and bag, of course) are super nice and I love the whole fur-layering thing she's got going on x

The F Word Online said...

ouu great photos ! the fur and plaid layering is so interesting

xx lue

Cafe Fashionista said...

She is my new inspiration. Loving you for posting these pictures. And that bag...j'adore!! :)

Manon said...

Such a lovely style!
Thanks for sharing.

Rock N Revolution said...

OK...who is this chick and why does she have my hair and everything else I wear! J.k.
LOVE this girl!
Love the bag!

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