Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Another one of my fav lines, EVER opened up a pop up shop in Venice which spells T.R.O.U.B.L.E. for me. I practically live in the broken in jeans, tank tops and sweaters year round. 

I stopped in the other weekend right after they opened and scored my new fav summer denim shorts, a super soft lightweight sweater and a tank top that looks and feels like I have had it for years.

I passed on the surfer looking striped pullover and now may be regretting it...

What do you guys think - should I track it down?? UPDATE!  Found it and LOVE it!

images via Ever, Singer 22, and Shopbop


Abbie B-C said...

I'm officially in love.
I NEED to go there! - In my dreams.
& You NEED to track that down! It's perfect for summer, !!

Anonymous said...

I love those shorts! They look so comfy and laid back and totally rockin'!!

A.Drescher said...

yay EVER! come visit when i work there in the summer.. ill hook a girl up

Unknown said...

wow lovely short really beautiful amazing post

Rock N Revolution said...

How fun! Love this look and gawd it looks so comfy!!!

valncami said...

Ooooo I didn't know this thanks!!!
I love ever too, especially the leathers.
My hubby used to work with Jason. Great, very cool guy!


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