Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Holy Grail

Found the holy grail yesterday - The J Brand outlet in downtown Los Angeles. Its been there for awhile (how I did not know about this is beyond me!) and has tons of overstock in almost every style of J Brand you can imagine - at less than 1/2 of regular prices!

Here are some styles I saw  while I was there....

 The Suffragette Jean (lots of laces) - my absolute favorite!

Raygun Jean - motocross inspired panels on hips and a zip front - rad!

The Outlet

J Brand Factory Outlet
1225 East Washington Blvd
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90021
Monday - Friday 10 AM -5 PM


Rock N Revolution said...


Nadine2point0 said...

So far away...sniff. Not fair ;D

Leia said...

how cool that you found an outlet! lucky!!

Unknown said...

These girls are all such a beautys :-)
That outlet looks totally radd! PLEASE CAN I COME? hahah.
And thanks for commenting on my post! It makes me very happy :D

Panda xx

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, yayay for J Brand! I actually scored three pairs of J Brand bellbottom type jeans (the Lovestory design) from Gilt Groupe last week for $40 each. I can't wait for them to arrive - I just hope they fit!! :)

K8 said...

awesome set of photos.
so I just stumbled upon your blog via The F Word Online...and I see that your header says "sports stylist"...I'm an athlete, and I'm fashion your job to style those of us with an athletic build, who move around a lot...what's your MO...I'm fascinated. And I love that you say its "not about pretty" 100% of the time! That's so stellar!

Fashion X

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