Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Karl and Coke

My lovely assistant Amy was in Paris recently and stopped into the Galeries Lafayette and brought me back the most bitchin' gift ever! I think she saw this and thought of me because after 2 years of working together she was happy to have some time off where she wasn't bringing me a diet coke every day at 2 PM to keep me going!

Its a limited edition Coca-Cola light bottle with Karl Lagerfeld's silhouette on it - love that they got the pointy shoes, flare on back of jacket and the pony tail in full detail. Its an opaque bottle with a bright pink cap and has his "signature" next to his likeness.

So cool.  Thanks Amy!

Love the ads Karl shot for this.

Coco Rocha drinking coke light out of a crystal goblet. 
Don't give me any ideas!


Nadine2point0 said...

Ok - you must be great to work for! What an awesome gift.

Unknown said...

It really is an awesome gift, I love the bottle!
It's simple but so amazing and so Karl.

Leia said...

I will put aside my dislike for both Karl and the Coca Cola corporation and try to appreciate the bottle and the ad for their artistic qualities. Okay, they look great! :P

Unknown said...

Lovely photos, they are GORGEOUS :)
espesh love Karl on the bottle hehe
Sorry for the late reply for the comment you left. Panda LOVES you!!!
Panda xxx

Orchid said...

oh i didnt know i missed out on such fun posts!!!

love the cool is the bottle man!!!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Gotta love Karl and the ad with his muse Baptiste and Coco is great. (Though I have to say when I read the title I thought of a different substance ;-)

Candi said...

Love these! It'd be awesome if they featured this logo on their Mexican cokes too :)

Ash Fox said...

this is cool in a very strange way.


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