Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rainbows In Her Hair

This is Mary - a totally amazing make-up artist and as you may remember from older posts, she plays in the all girl band THE DEVIL CATS with my friend Gillian.

Unlike the rest of us, Mary didn't just jump on the "colored hair" band wagon - she's been rocking this look for many years and as you can see has it down.

I totally love all the various colors going through her hair.  She looks amazing and I totally wish I could pull off this look. (sigh...)


Unknown said...

woooah mama. I neeeeed her hair. Thats amazing.
Panda xx

Rock N Revolution said...

Very cool - Brave rocker she is! Everyone thinks I'm brave for short platinum and pixie - HA! She's got me beat!!!

inanenglishaccent said...

that's SO cooooool
but, like, isn't it a CHORE to touch it all up and stuff?
anyways, nice blog girl :-)

Kim said...

Whoa, that's surely something! I really like this (:


SabinePsynopsis said...

Her hair is a piece of art. Great look!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I LOVE it. AND...this comes at the perfect time; I was just contemplating buying a few clip in hairpieces in blue, purple, and pink!! :)

Sophie said...

i love it!!!

i am new to your blog-- It's awesome :) I am going to follow it.

Will you please check out and follow mine too???



Anonymous said...

Way awesome!!

Leia said...

great hair!

Lenine said...

Awesome!! Makes wanna paint my hair eather!

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