Monday, December 21, 2009

K-Swiss Shoot

Just got done working on an awesome  K-Swiss shoot. And while I can't show you any of the ads we shot until they are released (which are going to be insane!) I can share some behind the scenes shots from the past few days and the fun crew I got to work with.

The always cool guys from OTMFC  (One tight mother F***ing Crew)

Bobby our producer and Embery our photographer  /  Makeup artistt Dawn and assistant Danielle

The cool thing about the new VERDE motorhome is its powered by biodiesel

                          Bobby and Jessica                                               Dawn and I with our sheriffs car

Dawn doing her thing in the moho

                      Brendan hard at work                                        " Behind the scenes" shooter, Bryan

Analucia's rad Tattoo

              My assistant, the lovely Analucia                             The always fun and happy Brooke

Analucia and I keeping warm - the wind was killer!

The views from our location at sunset - simply amazing!


Tom Bailey said...

You do excellent work! Thanks for sharing this I will be looking for it when it comes out.

All the best,
Tom Bailey

Amelia said...

It looks like an amazing location. Can't wait to see the end result.

Jade Purple Brown said...

HEYGIRL!im giving you the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD!make sure to copy it from my blog!you truley deserve it!
have a great day

Rock & Revolution said...

Cute stuff! Loving your spider cap...


folktime said...

tattoo is soo rad... cant wait to see the shots!

mikaela said...


can't wait to see the ads :)

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