Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wild Eyes and Abby

Abby Sunderland is one cool girl. At 16 years old she is getting ready to sail around the world, leaving Marina del Rey, Ca. later this month. Her brother Zac made this voyage last year and my husband and I were there to cheer him on as he came into the marina - what a cool sight that was.

The difference with Abby is (besides being female of course) is that she is younger than Zac was when he left on his solo trip, and she plans on doing the global trip with NO STOPS. Yep, 5 months at sea (the projected time frame)  and NO STOPS. All food, water purification, etc. will be on board. If Abby has any trouble at sea with any equipment, sails, masts, etc - she will have to fix it herself.

This is one cool and gutsy girl.




Abby's boat is called Wild Eyes.
Her sponsor is Shoe City.
These awesome pics were taken by Lisa Gizara who is Abby Sunderlands Photographer

Please click on Lisa name above to see more of her work and on Abby's name to see more photos and read more about her trip.

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1 comment:

Cristi Silva said...

Wow!!! That is so amazing!!! Makes me so proud for her and other chicks these days who follow their dreams with nothing to hold back!

Awesome boat too! :)

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