Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Origami Whale Project

The Origami Whales Project began in 2004 through global participation to help raise awareness about whaling. The curtain (of origami whales) has grown over the years to include the most recent numbers of whales that are still being killed each year.

More info about this amazing project is available on Peggy Oki's website - I hope you will check it out -  HERE.

Or to donate any amount you can (no amount is too small), to help fund outreach and further exhibits of  the  "Curtain of 34,000 Origami Whales" click HERE




These pictures show some of the thousands of origami whales that were made by children and adults of all ages from all nations to help raise awareness and a call to action to stop the whaling. Unbelievable how many whales we have lost, isn't it?

Maybe we can all make 2010 "the year of participation" and help keep this planet thriving.


Cristi Silva said...

Wow, how amazing. the amount of time that must have taken....beautiful!

Unknown said...

You have such amazing blog,
and this is such a great post! :-)
so beautiful, but sad
and i hope you have a great start to 2010!
Panda x
(oh, and thanks for the sweet comment!)

Anonymous said...

Whoa, just decided to peek into your archive - this is awesome!!!

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