Sunday, December 6, 2009

La Costa Skateboard Reunion

This event was so awesome - legends of skateboarding from the La Costa days, skateboarders who came after them, getting to meet people that inspired me to start skateboarding, and having the best time ever!

Many thanks to the fabulous Di Dootson for putting this event on and John Hughes for keeping his sanity dealing with all us crazy skateboarders.

Lots of love to everyone there - its nice to have skateboarding "family"!

The AWESOME Wes Humpston of Bull Dog Skates

Super sweet Jon O' Shei and crazy ass fun Jonny Miller

Don O'Shei, Edie Robertson and Katherine Carter

Wes Humpston and Bruce "Norski"

Bruce's board that everyone signed

Finally meeting Edie Robertson after all these years! She is a sweetheart.

 Bruce Logan and Ellen Berryman

me, Laura Thornhill and Ellen Berryman

The forever rad Cat Young and Wes Humpston

The orginal skateboard girl Patti McGee and Cat Young

"Trouble" - Wes Humpston, Laura Thornhill, me and Cat Young

The center pieces on the tables   /   Brian Martin posing with his trophy that Bob Staton gave out

Skateboard Royalty - Brad Logan, Laura Thornhill and Ellen Berryman

Me with Bob Staton and the freestyle skateboarding trophy he gave me - so cool

Bad boy Steve Olson and Wes Humpston

 Jonny Miller teaching me that self portraits are best

me and Cat Young ready to party

Wes Humpston and East Coast Peggy Turner - so cool to finally meet her!
Peggy getting a long needed hug from Wes   /   The ever so cool John O'Malley

Bruce "Norski" with the board he won - so cool.

Steve Olson and Robin Logan   /   Chris Yandall board signed

The legends of La Costa

The end.   Best skateboard reunion party ever....


Cristi Silva said...

Dude how rad is that!!!! Droooling over your vest and Thornhills bag...I know I know it is about skateing but you guys look super awesome!!! How awesome!!!!

Rock & Revolution said...

Looks like so much fun! I am from the old dogtown days in Venice - so I get the vibe : )

Anonymous said...

I would just like to take some time out thank the active members for doing what you do and make this community great im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

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