Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thinking Positive Thoughts for A Rad Girl


Abby has been spotted safe on her boat - mast is broken but she is fine!!!

You may remember Abby Sunderland from my past blog posts - she is the rad 16 yr old girl who (like her brother Zac did at age 16) is sailing around the world by herself. She is a girl I totally admire and one who is showing the world what cool stuff girls can do (at any age).

I was really upset to hear today that Abby has activated 2 different distress beacons after being hit by 25 ft seas and losing contact in the Indian Ocean.

The nearest land is 400 miles from where they think she is and the closest boat is 40 hrs away. Last I heard while writing this post is that a Quantas Airbus is trying to fly out to her to see if they can get low enough to contact her in some way and see if she is OK.

No one is sure if she is still on her 40ft boat Wild Eyes and is injured, or it has perhaps sunk and she is in the lifeboat, or the mast has broken and the boat is failing. According to her mom's blog posts today Abby knows the beacons are only to be activated in case of complete emergency NOT just if radio or communication has been lost...

Sounds like there should be more info by 10-11 PM PST tonight so I will update if I hear anything.

These pics below are some that my husband Ian took when Abby left Marina del Rey a few months ago on her voyage.

all photos by Ian Logan


Sherin said...

She definitely is an inspiration.

I heard on the news this morning that she's been found safe. I was so relieved when I heard that.

Cristi Silva said...

DUDE! I had a dream about her last night!!!! I am so stoked that she is ok!

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