Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Won The Beautiful Blogger Award - Wow!

I won this fabulous Beautiful Blogger award from Jade - make sure you visit her blog Jade "Purple" Brownits super cool! Thank you so much Jade - you made my day!

Part of the condition of this award is to share 7 things about yourself with your readers - so here it goes...

1. While I love my shoe collection I tend to "live" in my Haviana flip flops and boyfriend jeans.

2. I had a career as a professional skateboarder when I was younger and still skate vert from time to time - but not as much as I would like to. I was into fashion and style even then - in fact I may do a blog post on women in skateboarding showing rad style from the 70's.

3. Sometimes I buy things that are so special I just look at them for awhile before I actually end up wearing them. Which is a bit dumb really...

4. I love being a fashion stylist and wake up every morning excited to start my day - I am very lucky to do what I love for a living and to be able to travel the world doing it.

5.  I buy and read about 32 magazines a month - everything from fashion to sports, to fitness and home design. They are my guilty pleasure.

6.  I think that the reason I have insomnia is because I have all these cool ideas running through my head of stuff I want to accomplish and it gets me excited and keeps me awake.

7. I blog because I run across so many amazing things in life and want to share them with everyone else.


1.  Ashley at Fashion Roadkill
2.  Cristi at Thatsorad
3.  Heather at Heat Storm
4.  Lenine at The Lucky Fashion Girl
5.  Cece at Rock and Revolution 
6.  Dylana at Nana in Wonderland 
7.  Deanne at Dream Sequins



Rock & Revolution said...

I am so honored!I will have to do a wonderful post today!
Hope you will come out to visit soon!

Dream Sequins said...

Loved learning more about you and thanks for the award, dear! So happy to have met you this past year!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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